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Induction heating;В 
Temperature control of the roller by Induction heating;
 as per PIONEER-8000DUAL – dual
В temperature controller;В 
PIONEER-IDH 5000 – feeding table, PIONEER
-7000BC – jogging table for easy pallet 
loading ; as per the other models – 
automatic stacking table;
Two kinds of cutting machines to cut the width 
of paper  – perforator and nicking knife;Two 
cutters to cut the width of film – film cutter,
inline sliter & rewinder;
Speed:    PIONEER-WH5000 – up to 40 m/min., 
PIONEER-7000BC – up to 50 m/min.,
up to 70 m/min., PIONEER-11000BC – 
up to 70 m/min. ;

Model Size Price
 PIONEER-IDH 5000 50 cm .
 PIONEER-7000BC 70 cm .
 PIONEER-8000BC 80 cm .
 PIONEER-8000DUAL 80 cm .
 PIONEER-11000BC 110 cm .

All the prices are in Bulgarian leva VAT included.
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